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Town Bagel (Bagels - Bellemore, Plainview and Wantagh, New York)

Although Jersey may have the better bagels, the bagels at Town Bagel out on Long Island never disappoint. I've been to this joint a few times now, at their Wantagh location, and the food and everything are always great.

French Toast Bagel with Cinnamon Walnut Cream Cheese

The last time I went to Town Bagel, I decided to go all out and order a French Toast bagel, and I can't rave to you enough about how out-of-this-world this is! It's the best of both worlds by combining French toast and bagels by adding cinnamon, powdered sugar, and syrup onto the bagels. I got my bagel with cinnamon-walnut cream cheese, and it's a game-changer! This sweet cream cheese goes perfectly with the French toast bagels' where every bite tastes like heaven in your mouth. The only downfall here is that it's extremely sticky as the syrup lays on top of the bagel, but the mess and stickiness are worth it.

Above angel of the bagel

Besides Wantagh, Town Bagel has locations in Bellemore and Plainview as well. The variety of bagels and cream cheeses, regular or specialty or just endless here. You can also order breakfast and lunch sandwiches, lox, wraps, paninis, muffins, pastries, cookies, cakes, brownies, and more. This establishment also provides catering for customers, as well as a bunch of options from their catering menu and is one to consider for future events. Town Bagel may not be on social media so you can't get a heads up before going on what to expect, but I promise you won't be disappointed and need to go give it a try!

Rate: 9.25/10

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