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Tony Boloney's (Pizza - Long Branch, New Jersey)

Although food may bring people together in many aspects, pizza itself is one of the biggest types of food that really brings many together with its cheesy, gooey, crunchy goodness and is extremely popular being a common party, social gathering or even get-together like meal. If you're a big pizza lover like myself, well you're in luck because the next place I’m taking you all to is Tony Boloney’s which is a well-known pizza place mainly based in Hoboken, New Jersey. However, they also have a couple other locations in Jersey City, Long Branch and Atlantic City as well and I went to their Long Branch location.

I actually found out about Tony Boloney's at least two or three years ago as I randomly came across a video on YouTube about their famous taco pizza. This pizza is exactly the reason why Tony Boloney’s is a legendary place in Jersey. The taco pizza is a bunch of mezcal-marinated steak (mezcal is distilled agave alcohol in case you didn’t know), chicken and brisket tacos that blanket a cheese pizza with a chipotle-like carne asada sauce. It also has melted Oaxacan cheese, guacamole and sour cream. It sounds and looks like a dream to eat when you're drunk, lol! The recognition this pie has received over the past few years is out of this world as it has gotten over hundreds of millions of views online. Now I didn’t try the taco pizza yet myself when I went to Tony Boloney's this time. It's a huge pizza and I wasn't prepared to handle its monstrosity that day, but trust me you will see a future review from me on that pie down the road!

Recently, I decided to take a last-minute day trip down to the Jersey Shore to Long Branch and when lunchtime came around, I randomly stumbled across the joint as I was walking along the boardwalk and shops at Pier Village. Once I actually saw there was a Tony Boloney's location right in front of my eyes, there was no way I could miss out on the opportunity. Originally, I was going to order their 'Ducktown Melt' which is a sub filled with ribeye steak, bacon, garlic aioli and mozzarella cheese served on garlic bread. But at the last minute, I changed my order since Tony Boloney’s pizza is what makes them stand out to the public so I felt it was only right to really give the pizza a try for my first time here.

S#itfaced Chicken on the left & Pinky on the right

I ordered a slice of the ‘S#itfaced Chicken’ and a slice of the ‘Pinky’ to go. The 'S#itfaced Chicken' is a a barbeque-chicken pizza twist with beer-battered fried chicken (you can get cauliflower instead if you'd like), honey stout barbeque sauce as well as cheddar and mozzarella cheese, it was quite tangy and sweet all at once and tasted really good. The 'Pinky' looks and tastes like a traditional pepperoni slice with pepperoni and mozzarella cheese, but the catch is that instead of classic tomato sauce, it has pink vodka sauce. You can probably tell from the picture, but the slices themselves were huge and they were a mouthful to eat!

Now although Tony Boloney’s is primarily located in New Jersey, the best way to compare their pizza or the particular slices I ate is to a classic New York slice you would get from a pizza shop in the city. It felt and tasted very light, crispy and looks pretty exteriorly simple for the most part. However, the flavors were nothing but extraordinary and left me impressed. I definitely suggest paying this place a visit if you get the chance! I know I’ll be coming back again. There’s also a part two to my Long Branch adventure so stay tuned until next time...

Rate: 8.5/10

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