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The Taphouse (Tavern - Wayne, New Jersey)

My family and I recently went out to eat at The Taphouse in Wayne and what stood out to me about this place was how creative some of the menu options here are. My order below is a perfect example of that:

The Sunrise Burger with French Toast

For my meal, I ordered the 'Sunrise Burger,' which is one of their new menu items. It's a burger with cheddar, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and hashbrowns piled on french toast. The combination of everything was delicious, and I loved the idea of replacing the bread with french toast made the burger sweeter. It also goes perfectly with syrup.

I also had a cocktail and got the 'PB&J,' which is also new. It has skrewball peanut butter whiskey and Chambord (raspberry liqueur). This was amazing and tasted exactly like a PB&J, but an alcoholic one, lol. I would get this again!

Who knew PB&J could be a cocktail!

For dessert, I ordered a 'Skillet Cookie,' which came with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. This was a perfect way to end my meal and was warm, gooey, and chocolatey.

Just look at how delicious this Skillet Cookie is

Besides my order, there are plenty of options to choose from here such as appetizers, salads, burgers, sandwiches, flatbreads, entrees, and many, many cocktails. The Taphouse also does brunch and has its own menu, this would definitely be a great place to come for that as well as Happy Hour which is every Tuesday through Friday from three to six pm! On top of that, they also do private parties with their own menus. Plus, they are usually musical guests/events that appear sometimes.

You can also order online to get your food to-go as well as come in person. You can also purchase and use gift cards for this establishment too! Overall, there are lots of good options to choose from at The Taphouse, and is a good place to try out.

Rate: 8.25/10

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