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The Little Food Inn (Sandwiches/Cafe - Pompton Plains, New Jersey)

My next review will have me bringing you guys to sandwich heaven because The Little Food Inn has endless options that makes choosing what you want that much more harder. The Little Food Inn is a small-business owned restaurant that is located in Pompton Plains, New Jersey. This restaurant gives across a very country, comforting, homebody, homemade vibe whether you walk in to eat inside or just through eating the food, you can definitely feel the love and warmth this place brings. I eat here all the time and I am always beyond satisfied and can’t wait until the next time I always go back!

The Witchcraft Turkey Ciabatta

Some of my The Little Food Inn favorites pictured are ‘The Witchcraft Turkey Ciabatta’ that has turkey, goat cheese, caramelized onion jam, bacon and avocado on a ciabatta roll which is an amazing combo of sweet, salty, savory and tangy. For all you Thanksgiving lovers you're in for a treat because their 'Thanksgiving Wrap' tastes like a traditional Thanksgiving dinner wrapped up with turkey, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce. Their 'Chipotle & Chorizo Grilled Cheese' is incredible, it has crumbled-up chorizo sausage, melted pepperjack cheese, avocado and pico de gallo smothered in a chipotle aioli sauce.

The Thanksgiving Wrap

A few of my other personal favorites are ‘The Chicken Salad, Brie, & Bacon’ which contains pecan and grape chicken salad, brie cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce and honey dijon mustard that is stacked on either white, rye or multigrain bread of your choice. One of my other favorites is the ‘Chipotle Chicken Burrito’ with grilled chicken, rice, onions, peppers and avocado mixed with chipotle aioli in a flour-tortilla wrap. You can also get

steak instead of chicken. Every sandwich is served with a bag of chips, a small container of coleslaw and a pickle on the side. However, sandwiches are not the only thing on the menu because you can also order salads and burgers too.

The Chipotle & Chorizo Grilled Cheese

For sides, I've ordered their onion rings before which are breaded, homemade and greasy and crispy goodness as well as their mozzarella sticks. The other sides to choose from are fries (regular, curly, shoestring, sweet potato and truffle), boneless buffalo bites or a side salad. The Little Food Inn also provides dinner and serves more homecooked-liked meals such as pot pies, chili, pot roasts, meatloaf, fish and chips, penne ala vodka and even a full-out thanksgiving dinner with turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, vegetables and cranberry sauce. Little Food Inn always has a variety of daily specials to choose from whether it’s appetizers, meals, desserts and even drinks, I can't emphasize enough how the options here are unlimited.

The Little Food Inn also offers the option to cater and they offer a wide menu of options to choose from if you want any party or event of yours catered. You can eat either inside or outside (which is seasonal) for a sit-down meal if you'd like. Since the pandemic started, takeout has become extremely popular here as you can order online for pickup or delivery. This may be a small place, but it definitely leaves a small dot on the map and the food and ambiance itself makes this establishment a household name that is larger than itself. You have to try it out yourself to see what you’re missing!

Rate: 9/10

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