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The Cookie Connect - (Cookies - Bloomfield & Ridgewood, New Jersey)

Although there are a ton of great restaurants that provide breakfast, lunch and dinner all over the place, that doesn't mean dessert is excluded because there are a bunch of incredible places where you can eat and buy only sweets from. The next place I'm reviewing is perfect for all you dessert-lovers and will bring the sweet tooth out of everybody because it's all about cookies! The Cookie Connect is located in both Bloomfield and Ridgewood, New Jersey, however when I tried out the establishment I went to their Bloomfield location. I found this place recently on TikTok and the cookies looked unreal, so I had to give this place a try.

Some cinnamon toast crunch spilled over to the S'mores

When I went to The Cookie Connect, I ordered their box of four cookies, which is where you get to choose between four of the cookie flavors they have. They also have a box of eight cookies which is the same thing but instead you get double the cookies and can choose between eight flavors. The cookies themselves are pretty ginormous so you're definitely getting your money's worth here. For my box of four cookies, the first cookie flavor I ordered was their 'Cinnamon Roll' cookie (bottom left) which has white chocolate chips and cinnamon toast crunch over a vanilla drizzle. The next cookie I got was their 'Birthday Cake' (bottom right), I'm obsessed with anything that's birthday cake flavor, it has white chocolate chips, birthday cake sprinkles and also had a drizzle of vanilla frosting over it. My third cookie was their 'Stuffed Peanut Butter Cup' (top right) which has crushed Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and a chocolate drizzle. And last but not least, the fourth cookie I chose was the 'S'mores' (top left) which has chocolate chips and graham cracker crumbs that was coated with a marshmallow fluff over a chocolate drizzle. To be honest, all four cookies were amazing and their was no comparing what was the best and worst, especially since all four flavors all stand out in their own ways. The cookies themselves were warm, gooey, soft in the middle and nothing but delicious.

Besides the cookies, you can also order milk too because you can't have cookies without milk. The choices range from whole milk, almond milk and even cookie milk (I didn't even know there was such a thing)! The Cookie Connect is also known for their 'Cereal Ice Cream Bar' where you can get ice cream, a milkshake or even a cookie cup (which I believe is a cookie blended into the shake, don't take my word for that I'm not 100% sure). For the 'Cereal Ice Cream Bar,' you can choose from a variety of cereal toppings including other typical toppings such as sprinkles and Oreo pieces as well as a bunch of sauces.

Now The Cookie Connect is not really a place you can eat at. They offer pickup, regular delivery and third-party delivery for all customers. Plus, The catering is also available for any parties or events if you'd like! As an added bonus too, you can even buy merchandise from either hats, beanies and aprons. The cookies were excellent and service was really great. If you're looking for an awesome cookie spot to try out in the North Jersey area, this place is it! You will definitely not regret giving The Cookie Connect a try out for yourself.

Rate: 10/10

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