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The Baked Bear (Ice Cream/Cookies - Long Branch, New Jersey)

Besides eating good food and finding new places to eat, one thing I also love is the Jersey Shore and I always try to find the opportunity to go down as much as I can throughout every summer. The last time I was in Long Branch, I stumbled across a new ice cream sandwich joint called, 'The Baked Bear.' It is very similar to the place, 'Stack' in Westwood I reviewed back a few months ago. Go take a look at my post and review them to get a better idea if you're curious. The aromas walking in were unbelievable from the warm and gooeyness from the cookies to the sweet and creamy from the ice was a lot, lol.

Pictures don't do this dessert any justice!

Usually, my go-to order would be what I had at 'Stack,' which is anything with birthday cake, funfetti, vanilla, caramel, etc. However, I wanted to try something slightly different this time. What stands out about this place is you can get a different cookie from your top and bottom bases for any custom ice cream sandwiches which is exactly what I did. I got a custom sandwich with a 'Butter Cookie' and a 'Banana Chocolate Chip Cookie.' For ice cream, I had 'Cookies & Cheesecake Ice Cream' and a caramel drizzle for my topping. Now you also have the option to get your cookies warmed too. How great is that?! Of course, that's what I did for mine and I do not regret it! The whole thing was spectacular from the cookies, ice cream, and caramel...just incredible!

At The Baked Bear, you can order in person as well as deliver or pickup. Besides New Jersey, they have various locations across the country in Alabama, California, Florida, Maryland, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. This place is so good they've received a ton of press nationwide from multiple news outlets. Now, you don't have to live near a location to go because The Baked Bear also offers the chance for nationwide shipping and ordering, so you can enjoy some yummy Baked Bear treats from the comfort of your own home. If you're able to get to The Baked Bear, I highly recommend going because you're missing out.

Rate: 9/10

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