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Sundae Donuts (Sweets - Long Island)

Finding places that have extravagant desserts has become more popular lately as there are a number of joints from ice cream to cookies to doughnuts to cupcakes to milkshakes, the list goes on. And I'm not gonna lie, there's definitely some competition out there for finding really unique dessert places to eat from. If you're new here or are unfamiliar with some of my past reviews, go take a look at the dessert places I've eaten at so far. My next review will be something I believe will be difficult to beat when it comes to rating other sweets going forward.

The next place I'm going to is Sundae Donuts, which has multiple locations scattered all over Long Island in Hampton Bays, Huntington, Massapequa, Montauk and Syosset. They also have a Staten Island location too and are opening up a spot soon in the city as well. When I went to Sundae Donuts, I went to their Massapequa site. I originally heard about this place through a few of my friends who went a couple days before I tried it out. One of my friends posted their food on their Snapchat story and it looked too irresistible, so you know I had to go see things out myself of course.

I had to go with one of the specialties and ordered the 'Sundae Donut' itself. This option comes with one of the preselected donuts as well as vanilla or chocolate ice cream, two toppings and a drizzle of your choice. I got mine with the 'Cannoli' donut which comes with cannoli filling in the middle with vanilla ice cream. For my toppings, I had the cookie dough bits and chocolate crunchies with a caramel glaze. In all honesty, I can't think of a better combo combined together than what I ordered because this was the bomb-dot-com! All the flavors just meshed perfectly together from the cannoli filling to the caramel, cookie dough and crunchies with the vanilla ice cream hitting the spot, the explosion of all flavors just melted in my mouth. True perfection! Sometimes when you eat sweets, it can be very rich or too sweet where you can't finish it or get a bad aftertaste, I didn't feel that way after eating this which was an added plus.

I think the pic sums up how incredible this was

Besides the 'Sundae Donut,' there are a bunch of other "create your owns" here such as their 'Milkshake,' 'Ice Cream Twist,' 'Mini Donuts,' 'Churro or Waffle' and 'Donut Sammie.' They also have 'Cinnamon Sugar', 'Chocolate' and 'Birthday Cake' donut infusions a couple donuts as well as the 'Sundae Do' with flavors ranging from 'Classic', 'Funfetti', 'Reese's' and 'Chocolate Fudge Brownie.' Sundae Donuts also offers a couple of donuts and cookie shots as well as iced tea and hot and cold brew coffee that comes with some syrups and/or alternative milks.

Plus if you'd like, Sundae Donuts offers 'DIY Donut Decorating Kits' for anyone where you can make your own donuts with the selections being 'Breakfast,' 'Rainbow,' 'Unicorn' and 'Chocolate.' All kits come with 24 donuts and can be shipped right to your front door within 48 hours of ordering, so you don't have to leave the house but make sure to order ahead of time though. And you don't have to live in NY either because anyone nationwide can buy a kit from Monday through Friday! This place also provides anything custom from edible cookie dough, cakes and cookie shots, they've got you covered for all parties, events and any other needs, it's suggested to order two weeks in advance though.

Everything with ordering at Sundae Donuts requires you to pickup in person, however you can opt to preorder by selecting a time and location. For anyone with dietary restrictions, the mini-donuts are kosher, all merchandise is gluten-free and some locations offer dairy-free ice cream and milkshakes so there's something all everyone to have here. This establishment is unbelievable and doesn't disappoint! Sundae Donut is one of those places that's tough to beat against other places (in my opinion), you have to go and eat here because everyone needs to experience eating at Sundae Donuts at some point in their lives!

Rate: 10/10 (should be an 11)

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