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Sharky's Wings & Raw Bar (Wings - Clifton, New Jersey)

Sharky's Wings & Raw Bar in Clifton makes finding a good wing spot so much easier. Recently, I went with another foodie and my boy, Dylan who does reviews on TikTok, make sure you give him a follow, @foxfoodreviews. Overall, the place itself was great from the food, beer, service, and vibes, everything was just fantastic.

Every good bar visit needs to come with a Blue Moon

Since we were at a sports bar, I had to get a beer and get a 'Blue Moon.' It is one of my favorite beers to drink, and it was refreshing and hit the spot. For food, Dylan and I both ordered wings. I ordered the 10 piece of 'Alabama White BBQ,' and Dylan got some sort of fusion flavor that was a mix of hot, teriyaki, and garlic (pretty interesting). My wings were the bomb, and I loved the 'Alabama White BBQ' flavor. The sauce tasted like a creamy BBQ sauce, and it was delicious. I also had 'Blue Cheese' on the side with my wings, and they were a great added bonus to the wings! Now, I am a blue cheese lover, more than ranch so I am biased for that, lol! I have not eaten a flavor like that before, but I definitely would order it again! In the wise words of me, "If there's something unique on the menu you like, get it, because chances are you probably won't be able to get that anywhere else or anytime soon."

Alabama White BBQ is NEXT LEVEL

I also tried one of Dylan's wings too just to get an idea of how his wings were. His wing flavor had a solid balance of being hot, but not though if that makes sense, because teriyaki and garlic combined calmed the heat down a lot, but you feel that hot kick. Personally, I liked that because when food gets too hot or spicy, it is not enjoyable, and your mouth feels like it is bursting into flames which ruins the meal. However, these were really good.

If hot, teriyaki, & garlic was a flavor combined into one

On top of the wings, we also got some curly fries which were amazing as curly fries are my favorite type of fry. They were very golden, crispy, and soft on the inside. I have not eaten a curly fry that I did not like or did not enjoy eating, and these as always exceeded my expectations. If Dylan was not with me, I would have eaten the entire basket if I could have, lol.

Just look at how great these curly fries are!

Now besides wings, Sharky's is also notorious for the seafood and raw bar selections. Besides that, you can also order sandwiches, burgers, sliders, wraps, hot dogs, pizza, mac and cheese, quesadillas, tacos, salads, and oh so much more from here. Sharky's has other locations in New Jersey, one in Boonton, and another in Alpha (Warren County outside of PA). Now be sure to check out their social media and website for all of Sharky's specials and all updates regarding the joint. Happy Hour is also here during the week from Monday through Friday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. with awesome specials for wings, clams, beer, drinks, shots, etc. You can go in-person or order for pickup or delivery through a delivery app. If you are looking to find a great sports bar and/or wings or raw bar place, you gotta hit up Sharky's because you will be more than impressed!

Rate: 8.5/10

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