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Roll Thai'd Creamery (Ice Cream - Rutherford, New Jersey)

I love trying out new food spots with creative menu items, or at least ones that I have not eaten or tried yet. I came across Roll Thai'd Creamery in Rutherford which is a rolled-up ice cream shop, and everything here was so good! It was my first time trying rolled ice cream, and I could not have been happier overall.

Rolled ice cream is my new favorite dessert

I got the 'Rocky Road' rolled-up ice cream, aka #11. It had rocky road ice cream and mixed in it was pecans with almonds and marshmallows, and I also got mine with a caramel drizzle on top. This whole thing was really tasty, and everything about the ice cream was spectacular. Usually I am not a big chocolate person, but I was obsessed with how chocolate-like this was. I loved how the pecans were mixed right into the ice cream, and I thought it was genius. On top of that, I also loved how fluffy and creamy the marshmallow was, and the caramel was a great touch too!

With the exception of the rolled ice cream, you can also order homemade ice cream, beverages, and Hong Kong Egg Bubble Waffles, which is another specialty here. You can go in-person to order and eat, or you can grab something for pickup and delivery. If you want to try some rolled ice cream and other cool desserts, then you have to go to Roll Thai'd Creamery because this is the perfect spot for you!

Rate: 9.5/10

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