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Prime 94 SteakHouse & Grill (Steakhouse Grill - Fairfield, New Jersey)

I love trying out new restaurants and food places as I feel it is a great opportunity to explore new places and find new spots and dishes that I would want to try again down the road. Recently, I decided to hit up a new spot that I have not been to before called Prime 94 SteakHouse & Grill in Fairfield, NJ, and everything was spectacular. The food, drinks, was incredible!

Can't go wrong with a Cosmopolitan

I went with my family, and we literally had a whole five-course meal. For drinks, I got a 'Cosmpolitan,' which has cranberry juice, lime juice, and triple sec. Overall, this was my first time having one, and it was pretty good, but a little too strong at times.

Everything about this Burrata appetizer looks as good as it tastes!

For appetizers, my family and I got the 'Burrata' and the 'Grandma's Dry-Aged Prime Meatballs.' The burrata was super creamy and delightful to eat. The meatballs were cooked and seasoned to perfection, the sauce was on point, and the cheese was a good touch.

These meatballs...yessir!

For my main meal, I ordered the 'Surf & Turf Burger,' and with the burger came lobster and mozzarella in a champagne dill mayo. The burger was amazing, from the actual burger itself to the lobster to the cheese and to the mayo. It was all honestly the perfect pairing a burger could have, at least in my opinion, lol. What was cool about the bun was that it was stamped with the Prime 94 label. I'm not sure if there are other burgers or sandwiches at Prime 94 that do a stamp, but I thought it was unique.

Burger & lobster is the combo that will give you food FOMO

You know I had to pull out all the stops and end the night with dessert. I ended up getting the 'Pumpkin Cheesecake,' which is one of the menu specials. I love cheesecake to begin with, so I thought everything about this was awesome, and having it pumpkin-flavored was even better!

How cool is this Prime 94 bun stamp?

Prime 94 is open for lunch and dinner, and their menu has a ton of option to choose from meals, cocktails, dessert, drinks, and their specials (you can go to their website and see). This place also has a butcher shop too, where people can buy a variety of steak cuts to bring home as well as salmon, burger meat, and olive oil. Prime 94 also has a 'Social Hour' during the weekdays from three to five-thirty p.m., and on the weekends from noon to four p.m. Their menu has a lot of great choices that will not leave you disappointed.

Pumpkin cheesecake? Yes please

The restaurant does have a dress code, dining guidelines, and a reservation policy, so if you want to become familiar with that, you can take a peek on their website. The website also has a virtual tour of the restaurant itself if you wanted to see what the place looked like before coming! How cool is that?! Also, if you are looking for a restaurant that can cater for you, you are in luck because Prime 94 can help take care of you. Overall, this place has it all, and what's not there to like?

Rate: 9.25/10

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