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Pompton Queen Diner (Diner - Pompton Plains, New Jersey)

The Pompton Queen Diner is my childhood diner that I've been coming to forever. I've been to multiple diners over the years, and there's no comparing this place because it's truly the best-of-the-best! The options are nothing but extravagant and endless, plus I always go in wanting one of everything and can never make up my mind on what I want to eat!

It doesn't get anymore Jersey than this burger

Now I can go on all day about all the food I love here, but I'll just go through some of my favorite go-to's from this joint. The first thing is I love here is their 'Disco Waffle Burger,' which has mozzarella, bacon, waffle fries (yes in the burger), and gravy. Disco Waffle fries are a true Jersey food and diner staple, but this twist is in a burger, and I can't rave enough about how amazing this is! It's simply incredible and an explosion of flavor that bursts into your mouth from every bite!

BBQ & Chicken Quesadillas do go hand-in-hand

Another favorite of mine is the 'Lone Star Quesadilla,' which is a chicken and cheese quesadilla with bacon, tomato, and chipotle BBQ sauce. It's a perfect twist to quesadillas that's sweet, savory, and salivating and leaves you wanting more. Usually, I also order their 'Onion Rings,' which I'm a sucker for, to begin with. They are crispy, golden, and just amazing that comes with a remoulade-like dipping sauce that always hits the spot!

Everything about these onions rings are perfect

Another one of my go-to's at the Pompton Queen, really if I'm going for dinner is their 'Penne Alla Vodka,' I usually get mine with chicken. I don't think I need this dish in further depth, but all I will say is you can't go wrong with penne vodka, and the Pompton Queen doesn't disappoint on this one. With the main dishes, you get a soup or salad with your meal, and I also get the salad, as I don't like soup lol. The salad is just lettuce, tomato, green pepper, and a bunch of meat and sauce, and I typically get mine with blue cheese dressing. Trust me, the combination of the meats, cheeses, and blue cheese dressing is honestly kind of addicting.

Can always find good penne vodka anywhere!

One of my other favorite meals to get here is their 'Mexicali Chicken Wrap,' with breaded buffalo chicken, guacamole, lettuce, jack, and cheddar cheese wrapped in a tomato wrap with BBQ chipotle aioli sauce. Some others are the 'City Grill' and 'Mile High' sandwiches both having pastrami, swiss, Russian dressing, and coleslaw on marbled rye bread. The difference between both is that the 'City Grill' has bacon and tomato, and the 'Mile High' has turkey and corned beef and is piled high like a turkey club. All of these are fantastic and I recommend them.

My kind of salad (dressing is blue cheese)

If you don't want to eat here in person, you can also call and order your food for takeout. The Pompton Queen is by far the best diner in all of New Jersey and is a place I believe everyone should eat at least once in their life

Rate: 10/10

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