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Pizza Vita (Pizza - Summit, New Jersey)

Recently, I was on the hunt to find some good pizza from a new place (for me) in the North Jersey area. I came across Pizza Vita in Summit, and this place does not disappoint! The food here was fresh and looked as well as tasted delicious.

Obsessed with how good and delicious the 'Drunken Grandma' was

I had the 'Drunken Grandma Pie,' and let me tell you, it was SO good! This pizza had vodka sauce, ricotta, meatballs, fresh homemade mozzarella, and basil. The pies themselves are a little more on the personal side and are not the traditional size you expect when ordering one for your family or a bunch of people. Everything tasted simply incredible, as I cannot think of any other way to describe this pizza, lol. You cannot go wrong with a wood-fired pie, in my opinion, as they hit the spot! The dough was not too crunchy, and not too soft, it was just perfect.

At Pizza Vita, you can order anything from pizza, salads, entrees, pasta, appetizers, desserts, and more. Make you sure also check out their menu specials on the website. Pickup and delivery are offered here for customers. You can also buy and use e-gift cards through this place as well. One cool thing about Pizza Vita is that you can rent out a pizza truck for an event. Yeah, that's right?! For any inquiries or to learn more information about renting a truck, head to the website to find out more. Next time you need some good pizza suggestions, make sure to try out Pizza Vita in Summit because you will not regret it!

Rate: 9.75/10

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