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Peter's Crunchy Red Tacos (Tacos/Birria - Brooklyn, New York)

Peter's Crunchy Red Tacos is a taco truck stand in Brooklyn in the Bushwick neighborhood that sells tacos, and especially anything with birria from birria tacos, birria torta, and I even saw a 'Quesabirria' there too!

One of my friends has been to this joint frequently and suggested I should go. Plus, I was instantly sold when I found out they have birria tacos because I've been on the hunt to try them. Anytime I see a video or picture about them, I'm left always salivating. So I figured it was the perfect opportunity to try everything out myself.

These Birria Tacos were a dream

Of course, I got the 'Birria Tacos,' and I'll say my expectations were high and I wasn't disappointed. It was everything I could've expected and more! The meat was juicy, and the flavors of everything from that to the cheese, onions, and consomme. The food here is very fresh and authentic, which means you know it will be out of this world! Secret hack, use the little container of hot sauce they give too because it added an extra layer of flavor to the tacos that I didn't know I needed.

Their 'Birria Soup,' 'Birria Nachos,' 'Mulita' (it's similar to a quesadilla but smaller), and 'Peter's Combo' (which is a taco, mulita, and quesabirria) are few other menu items you can also find here as well.

Overall, Peter's Crunchy Red Tacos is an outstanding place to go to. Plus, you have most of the time during the day because they're open from 10 in the morning until 4 in the awesome is that! You can either pay in cash or Zelle. There are many taco trucks or let alone food trucks in Brooklyn that can be tough competition, but Peter's Crunchy Red Tacos is at the top of the list of being the best! Nothing but great food and service here, trust me you won't be let down!

Rate: 10/10

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