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Pastrami House (Deli - Berkeley Heights, New Jersey)

I found Pastrami House through another food account on TikTok, and when I saw the food here, I knew I had to give a review on this place. They have a location in Berkeley Heights, which was where I went. I didn't know this beforehand, but they also have two other spots in Jackson and Hoboken.

The Reuben Dog takes Reubens to a whole other level

There are a ton of food selections on the menu which made deciding what I wanted to eat more difficult. I ordered the 'Reuben Dog,' which is a hot dog with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing. This is pretty much a Reuben in a hot dog, and I have to say, this combo is delicious and worth the try! This meal also comes with a side of either baked beans (which is what I got) or fries, plus it comes with coleslaw too.

I also got the 'Pastrami Eggroll,' which is an eggroll stuffed with pastrami, mixed cheeses, and sauerkraut (not sure if it's in there, don't take my word for it). The eggroll(s) are amazing and were by far my favorite thing I ate from here. I would for sure come back to Pastrami House just for the pastrami eggrolls.

The picture doesn't do justice for how amazing this tastes

Another thing I ordered was the 'Challah Brisket Round,' which is challah bread stuffed with brisket, Swiss, and fig jam. I have and do not think I'll ever eat something this unique and spectacular in my life! This was to die for! From the challah bread and fig jam being sweet to the brisket being meaty and salty to the Swiss being cheesy, this was just a chef's kiss.

Name something more out-there than a Challah Brisket Round...I'll wait

Now you can't go to a deli without ordering a macaroni or potato salad, so I decided to get their potato salad. I'm not joking when I say this was maybe the best potato salad I've eaten! It had a nice balance between being fluffy (from the potatoes), sweet, creamy, and citrus-like.

Best potato salad out there

Food here can be ordered for in-person, takeout, or delivery. Catering is also an option, and there's a great selection they provide to customers for any event. Overall, Pastrami House is a next-level deli that has incredible food and, in my book, deserves more public recognition!

Rate: 10/10

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