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Pantano's Gourmet (Sandwiches - Hewlett, Plainview & Uniondale, NY)

I found Pantano's on Instagram a few months ago, and I was instantly blown away by the food here. All the sandwiches from all the options and combinations are completely out-of-this-world and something I have not ever seen before in my life. When I looked at the menu for the first time (before going), I immediately picked out at least five sandwiches I would want to order, and there is A LOT to choose from here!

Recently, I decided to finally make a trip after my long anticipation of wanting to go and met up with one of my friends for lunch. Even he was amazed and taken aback by all the options as we both took at least ten minutes to order, lol.

I ordered the 'Chick-A-Rito Burrito,' which has chicken salad, Doritos, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and chipotle aioli wrapped in a spinach wrap. I liked this wrap a lot and thought the balance of the chicken salad and Doritos was excellent. My friend got one of their breakfast egg sandwiches. I do have pictures of that but I'm not sure which one exactly it was and what it's called and didn't want to post that not knowing all the full details.

Chick-A-Rito Burrito with Pasta Salad

Now you know when a place is so good that you need more than one thing to order as I got a second sandwich and had this one to-go. This sandwich was the 'Burrata B Kidding Me,' which has breaded eggplant, prosciutto, burrata, arugula in a balsamic glaze with their famous red sauce on a semolina hero. This sub was my favorite amongst the two. I loved everything about this sandwich and thought all the flavors and combinations of everything went perfectly together.

Burrata B Kidding Me

Besides Pantano's specialty wraps and sandwiches, they also have breakfast (eggs, french toast, pancakes, waffles, etc.) and acai bowls. On top of that, people can order a bunch of their appetizers, salads, paninis, soups, and sides. To know more specifically about Pantano's menu, I suggest going to their website for more information because if I get into details, you'll be reading this all day, lol.

You can either eat Pantano's in-person or for takeout. They also cater and provide a ton of amazing options that leave your mouths watering and wanting one of everything! This place is unreal in all the best ways possible as this joint provides food galore, you have to go if you ever get the chance!

Rate: 10/10

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