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Mr. Greek (Greek - Belmar, New Jersey)

Now, if you have read up on my latest review before this one, I was down in Belmar recently trying out some food spots, and one of the places I recently tried was Mr. Greek. I love Greek food, and I was excited to see how delicious the food was!

Fried Chicken + Pita = Goodness

When I went to Mr. Greek, I ordered the 'Fried Chicken Pita Sandwich,' and this was basically the same thing as a gyro. However, nonetheless it was so, so, so good. I was curious to see how fried chicken could go with a gyro, and I am here to say that they absolutely go hand-in-hand! Besides the fried chicken and pita, the pita sandwich also came with onions and tomatoes with Tahini sauce. For sauces, you can choose between Tzatziki, Harissa Feta, or Tahini.

Besides pita sandwiches, you can also order platters, salads, sides, entrees, snacks, sweets, and more at Mr. Greek. This place offers catering to customers, and if interested, make sure you check out their menu and order. On top of that, Mr. Greek also hosts parties and events at the restaurant, and make sure if you are considering to inquire on their website. Takeout and delivery are offered here as well. Overall, Mr. Greek has incredible Mediterranean cuisine and vibes that pulls out all the stops, and make sure you go when you get the chance!

Rate: 9.25/10

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