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Lumi’s Restaurant (Italian - Fairfield, New Jersey)

Recently, I tried out Lumi’s for the first time in Fairfield back a few weeks ago for my birthday dinner, and everything was nothing but exceptional! The food, service, atmosphere, everything was spectacular.

Sometimes you don't butter to eat your bread with

My family and I ordered a ton of food as there was plenty to go around, and everyone felt stuffed and satisfied. First was the bread obviously, and this one was toasted and came with a sun-dried tomato paste. This was a good alternative compared to the typical bread and butter.

Eggplant Rollatini is always a must-have when going to an Italian place

For appetizers, we got the ‘Eggplant Rollatini’ and one of the appetizer specials that night which was burrata and nectarines in a balsamic glaze. Both were delicious. The eggplant was light, crispy, and cheesy goodness. The burrata had an amazing combination of creamy, sweet, and citrusy. I didn’t think burrata and nectarines could go hand-in-hand together, but they do!

Burrata & necatrines...yes please!

For my meal, I ordered the ‘Veal Sorrento,’ which had mozzarella, prosciutto, eggplant, and tomato in a tomato brandy sauce. Everything about this dish was spectacular. Veal is one of my favorite meat dishes out there, it just melts in my mouth. It was meaty, cheesy, a tad salty with a touch of some sweetness, everything you could want in a perfect meal, and more!

Always get a dish that tastes as good as it looks

I ended my meal with some dessert and that’s always the way you need to end a good meal out. I had the ‘Molten Lava Chocolate Chip Cookie,’ and I mean you can’t go wrong with that! It was warm, gooey, chocolatey, and topped perfectly with vanilla ice cream. This melted in my mouth more than the veal did. Since it was my birthday, the staff sang while bringing my dessert and got the whole restaurant singing. Lumi’s is for sure the place you want to go for your birthday meal.

The phone didn't eat first this time with this Molten Lava Cookie

Now you don’t have to go in-person to eat at Lumi’s because you can order your food to eat wherever you want outside the restaurant. One of the things that makes Lumi’s a go-to place is that they have Happy Hour from Tuesday’s through Friday’s from three to six where appetizers and drinks are thirty percent off. Great food, great service, fine dining, specials…what else could you want?! Go give Lumi’s a shot the next time you’re in North Jersey.

Rate: 10/10

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