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La Slice Pizzeria (Pizza - Farmingdale, New York)

The last time I was out on Long Island, I came across La Slice Pizzeria in Farmingdale and decided to try this place out. Walking into the shop, the aromas were immaculate, and there were so many delectable pies that made ordering impossible.

I decided to get a slice of the 'BBQ,' which also had chicken, and a slice of the 'Baked Ziti.' I think both of these sound pretty self-explanatory and don't need much further description. Both slices had a thick, deep-dish crust that crunchy, golden, and delicious. I loved the tangy sweetness from the 'BBQ' and the cheesy from the 'Baked Ziti.' For me, it was a good balance, if there is any, lol. Side note, deep-dish pizza is served here, so for all your deep-dish lovers out there, this is the perfect place for you!

These slices were to die for!

La Slice offers some unique specials for customers such as Monday and Tuesday specials, which are available on the select days. The Monday Special is a pasta dish that comes with a salad and dessert, while the Tuesday special is cheese or create-your-own pizza. There are regular lunch specials here too. Also, there are a few great family deals and packages that you can find more information about when your browse or order online through Slice. For those unfamiliar with Slice, it's a site that connects people with pizzerias all across the country. Plus, there are a ton of catering packages from salad, chicken, pasta, seafood, and so much more.

In-person eating, takeout, and delivery are all options that are available for customers here. If you're in the Farmingdale area, make sure to visit La Slice Pizzeria and treat yourself to a good slice or two!

Rate: 9.5/10

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