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L&B Spumoni Gardens (Pizza - Brooklyn, New York)

One of the biggest, or if not, the most well-known restaurants in Brooklyn is L&B Spumoni Gardens for their Sicilian pizza. I've known for a while now that L&B is a famous food staple out there. It is located in the Gravesend neighborhood, and soon another one in Dumbo. They even shot an episode of Man v. Food there before, and I knew I had to go and see what all the hype is.

I met up with a friend who lives in the area, and we obviously got the Sicilian slices, which is what they are popular for. To be honest, I can see why pizza rave about L&B pizza because it is insanely delicious! It has a very thick crust and is extremely saucy which coats the cheese and is sprinkled with some parmesan on top. I will say it's definitely a bit of a different twist of pizza, but in all the best ways possible though.

The famous L&B Sicilian slice itself

Now they have a big outdoor eating area in the front with tables set up for customers. No one can eat inside due to COVID. Now there are three windows where you order food from and one of them is for the pizza shop. However, one of the windows is for their Italian restaurant where you can order a true authentic Italian meal. The other window is an ice cream stand where they sell ice cream, Italian ice, and Spumoni, which is a molded gelato of multiple ice cream flavors mixed. I wanted to get Spumoni, but it was too freezing outside to even think of eating it, however I will try down the road!

Besides eating in-person, you can also order your food to-go or for delivery. Now, you can even order L&B apparel on their website if you'd like too. I will be going back to L&B again in the future and all I have to say is, I feel sorry for you if you haven't ever had a Sicilian slice of L&B because it's worth it!

Rate: 9/10

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