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Inspiration Roll (Sushi - Morristown & Westfield, New Jersey)

Inspiration Roll is a place in the North Jersey area I have been wanting to try out for the past few years now, but I didn't get the chance to go until recently. I'm so glad I made the trip because this place is unbelievable. Inspiration Roll is famously known for its sushi burritos, two of my favorite foods wrapped up into one thing, and they are nothing but amazing!

I ordered the "Build Your Own" burrito that comes with a base, protein, four toppings, two flavors, and two crunchies. For my order, I got a burrito with white rice, spicy crab, guacamole (which is fifty cents extra), mango, purple cabbage, pickled ginger, teriyaki sauce, spicy mayo, and the tempura crunchies. Now when I ordered, I wasn't looking at the crunchies to see you can get two. If I had gotten a second, I would've had either the sesame seeds or wonton chips. My sushi burrito was incredible. All the flavors and combinations of everything meshed perfectly well together!

Lots of colors and flavors here that make this whole sushi burrito...dynamite!

Besides making your creations, you can also order Inspiration Roll's signature creations, and both signature and make your own options can come either as a burrito, poke bowl, or salad of your choice. On top of that, customers can also order ramen and a bunch of sides from dumplings, edamame, their twist on French fries and nachos, and a whole lot more.

For eating, you can eat in-person, whether that's inside or outside, totally up to you. You can also order for delivery or to-go in-person, online, or through the phone. Inspiration Roll has locations in Morristown (which is the one I went to), Westfield, and Denville (which is inside The Grub Connect food court). Trying a sushi burrito has been something that's been on my food bucket list for a long time now and I'm so glad I finally decided to go. I highly recommend giving this place a visit if possible!

Rate: 10/10

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