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Hudson Taco (Tacos/Mexican - Newburgh, New York)

I went to college up in Newburgh, New York at Mount Saint Mary College, and one of the biggest hot food spots up in the area is Hudson Taco. Everything at Hudson Taco is just spectacular from the food, the vibes and atmosphere, the service, and the views as it sits right on the Hudson River overlooking Mount Beacon.

Have you ever seen a plate of chips & guac that looked so perfect before?!

The way service runs here is a bit different than most places because instead of how you generically place orders to waiters and waitresses. Instead, everyone at each table is given a checklist of all the menu items, and you check off what you want, and how much of each item you want. However, everyone has to put all their orders on one list, but you can keep ordering as many times as you want though! I came with my parents and brother, and there was plenty of food to go around for all of us, and we even stopped after the first round because we were so full.

Couldn't pass up the chance to order a margarita

To start everything off, ordered some chips and guac, and it was incredible. The guac here is very fresh, and the chips are really big, and a great size too. For drinks, I got the 'Hudson Taco Margarita,' which has tequila blanco or mezcal, lime, agave, Combier Orange, and a salt rim. The margarita was the perfect mix of salty, sweet, zesty, strong, and refreshing.

Love me a good empanada

I also had their 'Empanada,' which is filled with beef, cheddar cheese, sofrito, and sour cream, on top. The shell is very golden, crispy, and crunchy, and the meat and cheese were cooked to perfection, and it tasted like heaven. Now, my family and I also got one of the specials of the day, which was the 'Lobster Jalapeno Poppers.' They were stuffed with lobster and jalapeno and coated in a crispy shell with a cheese sauce on top. It was *chef's kiss.* Just unbelievably amazing! I could eat those everyday for the rest of my life and be content! I wish it was a menu item because it would for sure be a popular hit!

The Lobster Jalapenos Poppers were BANGIN' (highlight of the whole meal)

For tacos, we ordered a bunch of tacos. To describe each one on the picture, from the left side of the tray from top to bottom is the 'Baja Fish,' 'General Tso's Chicken,' 'Chicken,' and 'Cola Pork Carnitas.' On this side, I had one of the 'Chicken' and one of the 'Cola Pork Carnitas.' The 'Chicken' one was very tasty, however I loved the 'Cola Pork Carnitas' one was it had a sweet tangy kick to it, and I loved the cola sauce in it. On the right side of the tray from top to bottom is the 'Korean BBQ Shortrib,' 'HV Pork Belly,' 'Citrus Shrimp,' 'Crab Cake,' and 'Chorizo.' I had all of these except for the 'Citrus Shrimp' and 'Crab Cake' ones. Collectively, all of these were delicious and very well-balanced with flavors, but the 'HV Pork Belly' was my favorite of all three though.

Name something more perfect than this tray of tacos...I'll wait

Their menu definitely has a better idea on what is good to order from all of the taco and non-taco items to alcohol and more. For anyone with dietary issues, this is the perfect place for you as there are bunch of menu items that are very vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free friendly. Hudson Taco also offers gift cards for customers with multiple price options, which can be a great gift to consider for others. Besides sit-down, pickup and delivery are available here too. Overall, Hudson Taco has EVERYTHING, and I mean, EVERYTHING, you could want in a great restaurant, and more and are definitely worth the visit!

Rate: 10/10 (obviously)

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