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Hoagitos (Sandwiches - Belmar, New Jersey)

The last time I was down at the Jersey Shore, I tried out Hoagitos in Belmar which is a sandwich shop. Besides the Belmar spot, they have a second location nearby in Oakhurst. I found the place on my Instagram, and the food was so delectable that I knew I had to give Hoagitos a review.

This sandwich was brisket heaven

When I went, I got the 'Brisket Sandwich,' which had brisket, swiss, pickled jalapeno, arugula, crispy shallots, and roasted garlic mayo. This sandwich was so mouthwatering and delicious my tastebuds are already salivating just writing about this. It was so good between all the flavors and components on this sandwich, it was really good. My only complaint was that the sandwich was smaller than I thought, and I wanted it to be a bit bigger because it was SO GOOD that I did not want to stop eating it!

The next thing I ordered was their 'Griddle Mac & Cheese.' Now, I am picky with my mac and cheese because it needs to be baked and like a casserole for me to want to eat it, and this one exceeded my expectations immediately. This was so creamy, yummy, and even crispy. My favorite part about this dish that I loved was that there was an outer coating all over the mac and cheese that was like burned and completely crispy. In my opinion, that is when food like that tastes its best!

The best kind of mac and cheese is baked, griddled, and & crispy coating

The last thing I had from Hoagitos is their 'Risotto Balls,' which are four cheese, and they are amazing! They came with some type of creamy chipotle sauce that complemented the risotto balls perfectly! The outer shell was very crispy, crunchy, golden, and breaded to perfection. Meanwhile, the risotto filling was cheesy, carby, and super filling. I could eat those every day no problem!

These risotto balls were heavenly!!

Besides my order, you can also order at Hoagitos a variety of subs (or hoagies), burgers, sliders, chicken sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches, fries, and a whole lot more. Catering is offered here where you can find their catering menu as well as more information on the restaurant's website. On their website, you can also check out all of Hoagitos' events, merchandise, articles, and press recognition. Takeout and delivery are both offered here. Next time you want to find a good place to eat near the beach, definitely consider trying Hoagitos!

Rate: 9.75/10

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