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Glaze Donuts (Doughnuts - West Caldwell, New Jersey)

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

In my opinion, one of the most creative desserts is doughnuts because there is so much you can do with them. From the glaze, to the frosting, to the toppings, and so much more! I went to Glaze Donuts recently, and was beyond impressed with all the doughnuts and doughnut flavors their store has. They have multiple locations throughout North Jersey in New Milford, West Caldwell, Fort Lee and Nutley, in the Garden State Plaza Mall (Paramus), and they have a shop opening soon in Queens in Kew Gardens. I went to their West Caldwell location.

These taste just as good as they look!

For doughnuts, I wanted to try one of everything (lol), but realistically I decided that three flavors were a better option. The first doughnut I got was the 'PB&J' one, and this is pretty self-explanatory. It is a traditional doughnut with peanut butter on top as well as jelly, and it also has a jelly filling on the inside. If you are a PB&J lover, then you will absolutely love this doughnut. It tastes just like the sandwich.

PB&J does go well with doughnuts

The next doughnut flavor I had was the 'Apple Crumble,' and it was insanely delicious. Once again, it was literally the dessert itself, but in doughnut form, lol. The outside had the golden cinnamon-like, crispy, and crunchy coating with powdered sugar on top, and the inside had an apple pie-like filling with apples. I love apple pie anything in general, and this doughnut was right up my alley. It was very sweet, cinnamony, sugary, and apple-filled. Eating it was a little messy, but flavor-wise was a home run, and totally worth it!

You can't go wrong with anything that's apple crumble flavored

The last doughnut I ate was my personal favorite out of the three, and it was the 'Italian Rainbow Cookie.' This was an Italian Rainbow cookie in doughnut form. This doughnut was absolutely amazing, to say the least! The outside had a hard chocolate outer coating with a few sprinkles, and the combo between the two was everything! My favorite thing was the apricot and raspberry jam filling in-between the sponge cake layers. You could taste all the flavors of the cookie. Personally, I think the doughnut tastes better than the actual cookie itself!

Just look at how amazing this is!

Glaze Donuts has a bunch of different doughnut options here, from the artisan, classic, and signature ones, as well as other baked goods, coffee/drinks; there are also alcohol-filled infused doughnuts that can only be ordered online. Catering is offered here. You can order in person or online for pickup or delivery through the DoorDash app. If you have not been to Glaze Donuts before, I feel sorry for you because you are missing out on something great!

Rate: 10/10

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