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Gino's of Seaford (Pizza - Seaford, New York)

New Jersey and New York have always had rivalries over who has better pizza. Now I may be biased by saying that Jersey has the best pizza in the country, but if I have to name anywhere outside of New Jersey, Gino's of Seaford holds the #1 spot for me. The next place I'm taking you to is Gino's of Seaford in Seaford, New York. This pizza place will blow you away because they have so much variety it's unbelievable and it makes finding the perfect type of slice that much more difficult! I came across this joint earlier in the year as some of my friends live in the area and sometimes on my way home, I'd be in the mood for a good ole' Long Island slice or two and stop here. I've been coming back ever since so thought it was only fair I'd do a review.

Buffalo Chicken (left) & Baked Ziti (right)

When I went back to Gino's of Seaford the last time, I ordered a slice of their 'Buffalo Chicken' pizza and it was really good! The chicken tasted flavorful and it wasn't super spicy, but it definitely had a little bit of a kick to it. Now don't take my word for it, but I think this pizza might have some blue cheese in it too because I have picked up on that before. The other slice I got was their 'Baked Ziti' slice and that one was amazing! I'm already a huge baked ziti fan to begin with, and could eat that everyday for the rest of my life if I had the option, so that the fact I found that on pizza instantly won me over! The pizza itself literally tasted like baked ziti on a pizza if that makes sense, lol. Nothing but pasta with saucy and cheesy goodness, and it was just unreal. In the past, I've also ordered their 'BBQ Chicken' pizza and I really liked it. The chicken tasted delicious and the barbeque sauce was sweet and tangy and hit the spot. The 'Spinach Artichoke' Pizza is another one I've eaten before. For for anyone who loves all things spinach and artichoke, you'll love this particular pizza because it is cheesy, creamy, spinach and artichoke goodness all in one bite.

Gino's of Seaford also offers cauliflower and gluten-free pizza and gluten-free pasta as well, so this place is friendly to people who may want a bit of some alternative eating choices. Pizza isn't the only thing that is offered on the menu; you can also order from a bunch of appetizers, salads, soups, pasta, chicken and seafood entrees, parm platters, calzones, rolls, hot and cold subs and wraps; really all the typical stuff you'd find at a pizza place. On top of that, Gino's of Seaford offers party packages to their customers where every package includes salad, an appetizer, pasta and an entree. Now everytime I've ordered from Gino's of Seaford, I've only ordered takeout. I don't think you are able to eat there though as it seems it's only a takeout kind of place. Regardless, the food here is quality and if you're in the Seaford area, this is a pizza place you have to give a try!

Rate: 8.75/10

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