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Elsie Lane Wing House (Bar/Restaurant - Bellmore, New York)

Last summer, I found Elsie Lane Wing House on Instagram and I knew this was a place I had to try out. However, I didn’t really get around to it up until recently and I’ll say I’m so glad I finally made the trip to go because the food was incredible. They have locations all over Long Island in Bellmore (which is where I went), Huntington, and New Hyde Park.

Best quesadillas I've ever eaten!!

Now, I know Elsie Lane Wing House is known mostly for wings as it’s in the name, but I wanted to try stuff that wasn’t wings. One of the menu items that got me hooked on wanting to Elsie Lane’s was their ‘Beast Mode Quesadillas,’ which are quesadillas with fried mozzarella triangles, bacon, and the Elsie sauce which tastes spectacular. The quesadilla were nothing but amazing and tastebuds are still salivating from them as we speak. I also wanted to get something smaller on the side so I got some ‘Truffle Fries.’ The fries were delicious and were “truffle-perfection.”

Can't go wrong with Truffle Fries

Besides quesadillas, fries, and wings, this place also has sandwiches, burgers, Mac & cheese, and salads which are all definitely worth trying. Now I haven’t ever seen this from a restaurant before but you can even order a side of bacon with dish like you would with fries, onions, salad, etc. How cool is that?! This joint is open for in-person dining as well as takeout and delivery. You need to make sure you hit up on the Elsie Lane Wing House locations because I’m telling you really missing out by not!

Rate: 10/10

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