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Charro Coliseum Tacos (Tacos - Uniondale, New York)

Sometimes finding good food comes spontaneously which is what happened when I ate from Charro Coliseum Tacos out on Long Island in Uniondale. I was visiting some friends who live near the joint, and we ended up ordering from there, and the food is incredible.

Birria tacos always slap

One of my friends told me about how great their 'Birria Tacos' are and that is exactly what I ordered. They were meaty, very cheesy, crunchy, and juicy. Everything you could want in a birria taco and more. The tacos were absolutely delicious and exceeded my expectations.

This place has a ton of food selections that are fantastic to order from. However, they are only available for takeout and delivery. If you're in the Uniondale area, I suggest giving them a try if you can.

Rate: 10/10

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