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Brick + Dough (Pizza - Montclair, New Jersey)

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

I love pizza and cannot get enough of it! It is just so tasty, cheesy and saucy, but needless to say, who does not love pizza?! Recently, I went to Brick + Dough in Montclair that is known for their wood-fired pizza. To say the least, it is just fresh & delicious!

Can't go wrong with cheesy breadsticks

I went with my dad, and when we were there, we first ordered some of their 'Cheesy Bread Sticks.' They were very cheesy and fresh, and came with marinara sauce that was delicious.

Maple & Bacon + Pizza = Delicious

For pizza, I had the 'Maple Bacon Pie,' which has smoked mozzarella, guanciale (Italian meat), caramelized onions, maple syrup, and pork panko. The combination of "maple bacon" and pizza is interesting, but it is a tasty one for sure! Between the crunchy, cheesy, sweet, smokey and savory...just incredible! My dad got the 'Meatball Ricotta Pie,' which is self-explanatory. It was very delectable, the meatballs were cooked to perfection, and you cannot go wrong with meatballs and ricotta on a pizza in my opinion.

Meatballs & ricotta always go hand-in-hand on pizza!

Brick + Dough is open Wednesday through Sunday, so make sure you go on those days. Events are offered here too, which you can inquire about through their website. You can also signup by email to keep up with all things Brick + Dough. Takeout and delivery are provided for customers here too . Plus, shipping is even an option for all those interested. Overall, I highly suggest you try Brick + Dough if you can because the food is worth it!

Rate: 10/10

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