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Angelina's Bakery (Bakery/Sweets - NYC (Garment District/Midtown West))

If you're looking for a great bakery to go to in the city, Angelina's Bakery is the place you need to go. They are located in Midtown West, specifically in the Garment District near the corner of 38th Street and 8th Avenue. This place is really interesting as it's an Asian-inspired Italian bakery, how cool does that sound?! I didn't realize that until after I went, but I thought it is very creative and unique concept for a food establishment.

Nutella Bombolone (left) & Raspberry Croissant (right)

When I walked through the doors, I was welcomed by the immediate aromas you would smell in a bakery from the fresh bread to the chocolate to the sugary smells. There were so many good things to choose from that I wasn't sure what to get, however, I decided to order a 'Nutella Bombolone' and 'Raspberry Croissant.' The 'Nutella Bombolone' is an Italian doughnut filled with Nutella with sugar and powder on the outside. I loved how light and fluffy the doughnut was on top of the outside being sugary and the inside having a ton of Nutella! Overall, it was very delicious and had a perfect balance. The 'Raspberry Croissant' was surprisingly a lot better than I expected for the good! The croissant was also really light, it had a nice fluffy, powdery crunch and the raspberry hit the spot!

Besides bombolones and croissants, other sweets at Angelina's you can order are gelato, cakes, tarts, coffee, and many other desserts. On top of that, you can also regular food such as sandwiches, salads, pasta, pizza, and focaccia, so this is a place you can also grab some lunch or a quick snack. There is also another location in Times Square that you can also visit at as well. You can even order food in advance for pickup or delivery in NYC, NJ, and even nationwide, so you don't have to live in the area. Catering is an option here too as the bakery provides that for customers. Angelina's Bakery has a lot they offer to the public and is definitely worth giving a try if you go to the Big Apple!

Rate: 10/10

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