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All'Antico Vinaio (Sandwiches - Manhattan, New York)

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

All'Antico Vinaio is home to being one of the most authentic Italian sandwich shops in the city. The ingredients used are extremely fresh, and it feels like you are eating a piece of Italy. The meats, cheeses, breads, and spreads are all exotic, and I did not even know some of them existed. I had to look up what some them are as they are not commonly sold in the United States, at least not that I know of.

Just look at how big this is!

When I went to All'Antico Vinaio, I ordered their 'La Paradiso' sandwich which comes with mortadella (Italian sausage), stracciatella (cheese), pistachios and pistachio cream. The sandwich itself was SO good! I cannot rave enough about how delicious this was, and I did not want to stop eating it! Plus, the bread they use is so big and wide, it is like eating endless bites that keep on coming. The bread is called schiacciata, which I believe is similar to focaccia. Although mortadella is a sausage, it tasted sort of like ham, and the cheese was super creamy and delectable. However, the pistachio cream was what hit the spot for me between the combination of the pistachios and the cream, it was just incredible! The sandwich also had a little bit of a nice crunch to it from the pistachios. Overall, this tasted like a dream, and I would be perfectly content eating this sandwich for the rest of my life, or let alone any of the sandwiches from All'Antico Vinaio.

There are two locations in the city you can go to, one on 8th Avenue in-between 45th and 46th Street around Times Square and Midtown, which was where I went. The other spot is on Sullivan Street in Lower Manhattan near SoHo. On top of that, they also have some locations in Florence and Milan, if you are ever in Italy. Catering is also available here, where you can order or inquire for at least 25 sandwiches, however, pickup is only allowed here. Gift cards are also offered here, and are a great option as gifts. This place has also received some great recognition in the press, so be sure to check that out online. On their website, you can apply for jobs if you are looking for work, and sign up for emails to be notified on all things All'Antico Vinaio. Next time you go into the city, make sure you make a stop at All'Antico Vinaio because you will not regret it!

Rate: 9.5/10

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