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All American Hamburger Drive In (Burgers - Massapequa, New York)

Who doesn't love a good burger? They can be either simple or extravagant and still taste amazing regardless. Plus, you can eat one plain or build one with any toppings of your choice. If you're a burger fanatic, my next review, All American Hamburger Drive In in Massapequa, New York is the perfect place for you!

The Classic All American Hamburger

Since my freshmen year of college, I’ve become more familiar with the Long Island culture as the majority of my friends and school are from there. I’ve gotten more accustomed to the island, its food and the many different places and sites out there. One of the things that has constantly come up frequently from my Long Island friends is All American. I never really heard much about All American other than it’s a famous Long Island burger joint that everyone raves about. So you know I had to go experience this place myself.

The All American Fries

For my food, I ordered a regular double hamburger, which is two patties instead of one and a side of fries. Now I’ll admit the pictures aren’t really aesthetically pleasing or look like the food will blow you away. However, you won’t ever be disappointed coming to All American! The food may come across as simple on the outside, but the flavors are out of this world. The burger was juicy and cooked to perfection and inside where diced-up onions which hit the spot. The fries were crispy, golden and perfectly salted. Besides hamburgers and fries, All American's menu also consists of cheeseburgers (their burgers can be ordered as single, double or quarter pounders), hot dogs, grilled cheese, tuna sandwiches, fish filets, onion rings, knishes as well as milkshakes (chocolate, strawberry and vanilla), regular milk, hot chocolate and a bunch of other fountain drinks too.

After ordering and getting my food, I was walking towards my car to go eat and passing by I overheard that someone drove five hours just to try out All American. I thought driving two hours was a bit of a reach (lol), but it goes to show how incredible this place is and how out-of-the-way people are willing to go for good food. All American I would say is more of a takeout-like place, but there are some tables set up outside for customers and one of the biggest eating phenomenon's here is people sit in their cars or will leave their trunks open to eat. All American is one of those eateries where everyone is guaranteed to be happy and it’s impossible to find something to complain about. Everyone needs to experience All American Hamburger In at some point in their lives because this place is the bomb!

Rate: 9.5/10

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