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A & A Fine Foods (Deli - Lincoln Park, New Jersey)

A & A Fine Foods is my hometown deli that has the most incredible food that is fresh, salivating, and makes you want to keep coming back for more. There's so much to choose from here to the point where you can't make your mind. There's so much to choose from here from gourmet and hot heroes, wraps, paninis, focaccia sandwiches as well as salads, pasta, hot lunches, fresh cold cuts, and so much more.

Whole lot of layers of goodness right here

Recently I went and got my "go-to" order which is 'The Italian Social Turkey Club.' You guys all know what's in a turkey club, so I won't get into that, but the twist with my sub is that I order mine with provolone cheese too. I think every sandwich needs the four essentials which are bread, meat, cheese, and a condiment. This sub is delicious, and as you can tell there are layers of thickness from the bread, meat, and everything else and is a mouthful for sure!

Some of the other sandwiches I've gotten from A & A in the past I recommend are 'The Soprano,' 'The Mike Anthony,' 'The General Lee' 'Rosie Ham,' and their 'Chicken Parm' and 'Meatball Parm.' I've also had their amazing homemade chicken salad! I would get more into detail with what's in these sandwiches, but I'll let you go to their website to find out.

A & A also has multiple specials like lunch, dinner, soups, meat, seafood, and more. Now they cater too, which is huge here because of how incredible everything is, and if you want to know the definition of 'never ending' or 'ongoing,' it would be A & A's catering menu because that thing is eight pages long online! However, as weird as this sounds, I know some people have had barbeques catered by A & A before, and they do an outstanding job! Next time you're in Lincoln Park, you have to go to A & A Fine Foods because you won't be disappointed!

Rate: 10/10

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