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900 Degrees Pizza (Pizza - Towaco, New Jersey)

900 Degrees Pizza is a pizza restaurant near my house in Towaco, New Jersey that has amazing, fresh wood-fired Neapolitan pizza. I've been once before this review, and the food is fantastic! I was on the hunt recently for some good pizza and knew I had to make a stop at 900 Degrees again.

The New Yorker Pie has got a whole lotta meat on it

My family and I got dinner from here recently, and I ordered the 'New Yorker Pizza,' which is one of their popular menu items. It has pepperoni, sausage, meatball, tomato sauce, homemade Mozzarella, and Parmigiano-Reggiano. This pie was very meaty, to say the least as well as saucy and cheesy. The dough and all ingredients tasted very fresh, and you can tell every bite tastes homemade.

How beautiful does this Margherita Pie look?

My parents got the 'Margherita Pizza,' which is another popular menu item here as well as the 'Wedge Salad.' I think we all know what's in a Margherita pie, so I don't think I get into details about that, lol. However, the 'Wedge Salad,' had iceberg wedge lettuce, grape tomatoes, pancetta, onions, and blue cheese. I didn't have any of the salad, but it aesthetically looks good, and I bet it tasted just as great to

The Wedge Salad looks delicious

900 Degrees Pizza has so many other great food choices here from their pizzas to their entrees, heroes, salads, appetizers, and so much more. In-person dining is big here, and you can also get takeout and delivery here too. If you have any parties or special occasions coming up, 900 Degrees can help you with that because they provide catering for all customers and have a menu you can choose from that fits your needs best! Also, if you don't eat gluten, then you are in luck as most dishes here as well as the pizzas with their crust can be made gluten-free. So this is also a gluten-free friendly place too! 900 Degrees Pizza offers fresh food and happy hearts for all, as everything about this place is spectacular!

Rate: 9/10

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