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10th Ave Burrito Co. (Burritos - Belmar, New Jersey)

When I was down in Belmar, I also decided to stop at 10th Ave Burrito Co. for some food, as this place is known for its Mexican food.

Always a first time for everything including trying this Mole sauce

For food, I got the 'Pork Mole Burrito,' with pork, rice, and cheese in their mole sauce. The sauce was very smoky and had a strong and savory kick, but it was delicious and unlike anything I've eaten before. Apparently, mole sauce is a Mexican sauce made typically with fruit, nuts, chili peppers, and spices such as black pepper, cinnamon, or cumin. The sauce I had wasn't sweet, so I'm not sure if the restaurant has their own twist on the sauce or not. Regardless though, it was still tasty. I also got chips and guac with their flour chips that are homemade. They are very light, crispy, and crunchy and is a great twist to a tortilla chip.

Homemade flour chips with guac are definitely a go-to move

Besides my order, 10th Ave Burrito also has salads, burritos, tacos, quesadillas, fajitas, enchiladas, seafood, and so much more. On top of that, 10th Ave is also known for its great selection of alcoholic drinks as there are a ton to choose from. Now, merchandise is sold here too, so you can buy anything from shirts, hats, hoodies, and gift cards. Catering is also an option here for any customers that want events catered to 10th Ave Burrito food. You can either eat in person or order for pickup and/or delivery. Next time you head down to Belmar, you should consider grabbing a bite to eat at 10th Ave Burrito Co!

Rate: 9.5/10

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