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The Pasta Shop (Italian/Pasta - Denville, New Jersey)

Who doesn't love pasta, I mean seriously who doesn't love pasta?! What's not to like and I can't think of one person who doesn't? It is one of those foods where there's tons of variety from eating it with sauce, butter, cheese, vegetables, you name it...the options are just endless. Well the next place I'm taking everyone to is somewhere I think you will all like and can find something everyone will enjoy. My next review is The Pasta Shop in Denville, New Jersey.

I came across The Pasta Shop about a month ago through an Instagram story from one of my followers and what instantly attracted me to this eatery besides the food of course was the packaging. As weird as it sounds, the packaging of the food really intrigued me because it comes in a nice brown box and is not something you'd usually find. I thought it was pretty cool and interesting because it was not the usual stryofoam box or restaurant containers for leftovers or takeout. In my opinion, it's good marketing and branding too. And the food is all homemade and looked appetizing and I was immediately sold on that as well.

Felt like I was in Italy eating this 'Rigatoni Alla Vodka'

I ordered their 'Rigatoni Alla Vodka', the peas and prosciutto is optional, but you know I went all out and got the peas and prosciutto too. I will say this, this is another place where you know the food is authentic and made with love. The pasta tasted homemade and I could tell right away, I don't know how to really describe it other than just eating it compared to boxed pasta but I spotted the difference though. The sauce was very creamy and one of the best vodka sauces I've eaten. Plus, the peas and prosciutto were an added bonus and hit the spot! In my opinion, peas and prosciutto is one of the key components that makes a great vodka sauce. On top of that, I ordered the 'Mozzarella Sticks' which comes with a spicy marinara sauce. Now the sauce is not spicy like you're eating a whole pepper and your mouth is burning on fire. However, the seasonings and spices used give the sauce a good kick to it and I know that wouldn't typically go hand-in-hand with mozzarella sticks, but in this case though, it did! I love a good mozzarella stick and these didn't disappoint and they were showered and breaded with parmesan cheese all over them which was amazing.

These mozzarella sticks are next level!!

Other pasta that can be ordered at The Pasta Shop is their 'Linguine and Clams', 'Spicy Baby Shrimp', 'Pappardelle Bolognese', 'Golden Bucatini' and 'Jersey Sweet Corn Ravioli'. Gluten-free pasta is available here, so this is a gluten-free friendly place as well. There's also a number of appetizers to choose from such as the 'Bruschetta', 'Burrata', 'Garlic Bread', 'Meatballs' and more. The Pasta Shop also has dinners of pork, salmon and chicken parm if you don't want pasta, but I highly suggest you get the pasta because not only is it delectable, but it's their specialty and it's in the name too, c'mon!

The Pasta Shop is mostly available for takeout and delivery. They do offer outdoor eating but that's weather permitting though so don't always count on that. Service and staff overall was really good and attentive as well. This place is the real deal! You are absolutely guaranteed a good "homecooked" meal from The Pasta Shop for sure. If you happen to be in the Denville area, consider hitting them up if you can.

Rate: 10/10

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