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Mimi's Too Bagels & Deli (Deli - Whippany, New Jersey)

Mimi's Too Bagels & Deli in Whippany is a new food find of mine as of recently, and the food here is truly good and like a traditional deli. Walking inside, it was one of those places where you can feel the warmth and love, and I knew the food was going to be great.

For food, I got the 'Pastrami Sloppy,' which was a triple-decker sandwich with pastrami, three slices of rye bread, Russian dressing, coleslaw, and tomato. The pastrami here is phenomenal! It is so good, as it melts in your mouth like butter! I was obsessed, to say the least, and this was a mouthful. There were a bunch of sauce and condiment-like flavors besides the coleslaw and Russian dressing, which I loved, as I am a huge sauce person. Needless to say, this sandwich was fantastic, and I would definitely get it again!

On top of that, I also ordered their 'Red Skin Potato Salad' and 'Macaroni Salad' which were both delicious. I do not know why but there is something about the red skin on potato salad that makes it taste even better! The macaroni salad was excellent, and I do not think I need to get into detail about how it tasted because we all know, lol.

I also got a bag of sour cream and onion chips to go as well because you cannot go to a deli without grabbing a chips, it is always a necessity. Plus, sour cream is one, if not, my favorite chip flavor.

Mimi's Too is open for both breakfast and lunch every day. Pickup, delivery, and catering are all offered here. Next time you are looking for a good deli in the Morris County area, definitely check out Mimi's Too Bagels & Deli!

Rate: 9/10

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