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Huna China (Chinese - Lincoln Park, New Jersey)

Chinese food always hits the spot, and we all have our favorite spots we like to go to for takeout. Mine is Huna China in Lincoln Park (my hometown). There is something about the food that is satisfying and fulfilling, which always makes me come back for more. Usually, when my family and I order from Huna China, we order tons of food everyone picks from. However, the last time I ate from here, I got my own meal which I reviewed for you guys, but I will describe what we usually eat from here.

Chicken Chow Fun tastes like lots of fun (if fun had a taste)

The last time I ordered from Huna China, I got the 'Chicken Chow Fun.' I love this dish, and it is one of my favorite things to eat here. My favorite part especially is the thick noodles, I love how wide they are, and they are delicious to say the least! Besides that, the sauce, chicken, and veggies are all tasty as well.

Love me some dumplings

On top of the 'Chicken Chow Fun,' I ordered the 'Steamed Dumplings,' which are another favorite of mine from here. On the inside, they have beef, and the dough is thicker than what you usually find on dumplings. However, that is why I like them so much, and I cannot get enough of eating those! Of course, fortune cookies are always a must and a bonus with each Chinese food meal too!

Would not be a Chinese food meal without some fortune cookies!

Some of the other menu items my family and I order that are not pictured here from Huna China are their 'Sesame Chicken,' 'Boneless Spare Ribs,' 'Chicken Fingers w. Honey Mustard,' 'Chicken or Vegetable Lo Mein,' 'Beef w. Broccoli,' and my mom sometimes get their 'Shrimp with Vegetables.' There is always plenty to go around, especially if you order lots of food. Usually, my family and I typically have leftovers afterward.

Besides all the food I just mentioned, Huna China has all of the traditional dishes you can find at your go-to Chinese food spot. Delivery is offered here, however, they only deliver within a five-mile radius of the restaurant and charge the amount for fees per how many miles the deliveries are made from the shop. You can also order takeout here too. Overall, the next time you are in the Lincoln Park area and are in search of a good Chinese food place, you need to hit up Huna China!

Rate: 10/10

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