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Cuts & Slices (Pizza - Brooklyn, New York)

I found Cuts & Slices on Instagram a few months ago, and was obsessed with how phenomenal their pizza looked! The flavors and toppings were so unique and out-of-this-world and looked heavenly to say the least, and I knew I had to try it out. Luckily, one of my friends lives in Brooklyn near Cuts & Slices, and we both went together and were beyond impressed with the food and place.

Jerk Chicken (left), Brown Stew Oxtail (right)

When I went to Cuts & Slices, I got two of their slices. The first being a slice of their 'Brown Stew Oxtail Pizza.' All I have to say about this slice is...WOW!!! It was beyond incredible and like nothing I have eaten before. I have not eaten oxtail before and did not what to expect, but it was so good and am glad I tried it. The sauces, meat, flavorings, every single thing was just *chef's kiss*. The dough was very fresh, crispy, and almost kind of fluffy too, which made this even more tasty. The 'Brown Stew Oxtail' slice was so good I could have eaten an entire pie of it, and would have still wanted more. The bottom line is this was amazing, and everyone NEEDS to try a slice of the 'Brown Stew Oxtail.' This was definitely my favorite between both slices. The other slice I ate was their 'Jerk Chicken Pizza.' This one was also to die for from the sauces, chicken, seasoning from the chicken, and peppers were all spectacular! This was definitely true 'Jerk Chicken' on pizza, and it was the bomb! It was really delicious, and I enjoyed every bite of this slice!

Besides what I ate, the other pizza and slices you can order from Cuts & Slices are from their classic, beef, chicken, vegan, and seafood pies. There is so much food to go around that the pizza choices are all just endless. Everything at this place is to-go, just as a heads up. Cuts & Slices has also received a good amount of press, so go take a look online and see the hype and positive recognition people have to say about this spot. Overall, I am really glad my friend and I went to Cuts & Slices as everything was amazing, and I am definitely coming back again in the future!

Rate: 10/10

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