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Bird & Bao (Bao Buns - Patchogue, New York)

I love bao buns, as they are light, fluffy, filling, and delicious, and I found the perfect place for bao buns, which is Bird & Bao out on Long Island in Patchogue. There are so many bao bun options here that all look and taste great and will make you want to eat one of everything off the menu. It is the perfect spot for all you obsessed bao bun lovers out there just like myself.

I came here with one of my friends, and we were both impressed by everything Bird & Bao has to offer in general. For food, I got 'The O.G.,' 'The Sweet Heat,' and 'The Crunchbao' buns. 'The O.G.' had crispy chicken, chili mayo, cabbage, coriander (an herb similar to cilantro), and peanut. This bun tasted classic, simple, and delicious. All the flavors between the chicken, mayo, cabbage, coriander, and peanut were excellent. 'The Sweet Heat' had crispy chicken, sweet chili, pickled daikon and carrot coriander, and peanut. This bao bun had similar flavors and taste to 'The O.G.,' but with more heat and spice. There was a lot of sweetness, savoriness, spiciness, and tanginess in this bun, which was terrific. 'The Crunchbao' had slow braised pork, kimchi, a crispy wonton shell, chili mayo, coriander, and peanut. This one was probably my favorite bun out of all three that I ate. I love pork, and this was very mouthwateringly good. Plus, the wonton shell was a bonus that gave the bun a nice crunch to it. Besides the buns, I also ordered the 'Sesame Noodz,' which was cold lo mein, toasted sesame sauce, cucumber, pickled daikon and carrot, chili oil, coriander, and peanut. The noodles were so good, and I devoured the entire bowl. I especially loved the sesame and peanut flavors, as it made the entire dish taste so much better!

My friend ordered the 'Birdbox Special,' which is two baos of your choice with fries and a drink of preference. The two baos that my friend had were 'The Blackbird,' which had crispy chicken, a black vinegar glaze, black sesame, pickled red onion, chili mayo, coriander, and peanut. The second bao was 'The Patchog,' which had slow braised pork, kimchi, coriander, and peanut, and both looked very delectable.

At Bird and Bao, you can order baos, the 'Birdbox,' rice bowls, bites, drinks, and more. Pickup and delivery are offered here for customers through delivery apps. If you love bao buns and are in the mood to eat some, then you have to go to Bird & Bao in Patchogue, as you will leave here very happy, feel full, and have all your bao buns needs met!

Rate: 10/10

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