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Zorba Greek Eatery (Greek - Wayne, New Jersey)

I am always down to venture out and try new dishes now and then, and recently I was in the mood for some Greek food and decided to try out Zorba Greek Eatery in Wayne after finding them on Instagram. Usually when I get Greek, I typically get a 'Beef Gyro,' and maybe 'Spanakopita' (Spinach Pie). However, I figured it was perfect to try something that I have not eaten before.

Looks as good as it tastes

For my meal, I got some 'Pastichio,' which is pretty much a Greek lasagna. It had penne pasta layered with ground beef and a bechamel sauce. It tasted very similar to lasagna and had all the same components. However, the top part (the bechamel) was very soft and fluffy, more than how it looked. There is something about this dish that also tasted sort of sweet, very cinnamon-like if I am being specific. I found that interesting since this is a savory dish, but overall really good. It came with a side of my choice, and I had the 'Oven Roasted Lemon Potatoes.' I do not think I need to describe how these tasted, lol, but they were delicious.

Can't go wrong with some potatoes

On top of that, I also ordered some 'Baklava,' which is the best and my favorite part of my meal. It is a filo pastry with nuts, syrup, and honey. I was obsessed with this sweet treat, and was the perfect way to end my meal. Everything about this was simply perfection from the taste to the texture. If you have not had 'Baklava,' I feel sorry for you, and you need to try it ASAP.

Just look at all those layers of goodness

There are various menu items to order at Zorba from salads, gyros, sandwiches, platters, traditional Greek dishes, desserts, and so much more. Takeout and delivery are provided here for customers who do not want to eat in person. If you eat at the restaurant, it is BYOB, and they also offer gift certificates here. What are you waiting for...get to Zorba today!

Rate: 9/10

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