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Wingman by Blue 42 (Wings - Lincoln Park, New Jersey)

Are you a wings fan? Well, you are in luck because you will love Wingman by Blue 42 in Lincoln Park, which is a new wing place that opened up recently. This place is in my town right near my house, and so far I have heard nothing but great things!

For food, I got the 'Boneless Wings,' which were delicious and came as a 12-piece. Now, you choose one flavor for each wing order, and some flavors are beyond unique and extraordinary. One of the crazy flavors is the one I got called the 'Sugar Daddy,' which is a combination of honey mustard, garlic parm, and brown sugar. Many flavors combine more than one just like the 'Sugar Daddy.' The flavor I got had a quirky taste, and I got a bit of all three while eating between the honey mustard, garlic parm, and brown sugar. I also had blue cheese on the side, which went incredible with the wings. Besides the wings, I also got an order of the 'Buffalo Chicken Eggrolls,' which has buffalo chicken inside and comes with a blue cheese dipping sauce on the side. The eggrolls were phenomenal, as both the shell and filling tasted phenomenal! Plus, I forgot to mention, but the blue cheese came with actual chunks in it, which is the best! I am a huge blue cheese fan, so I was obsessed with all of this!

At Wingman at Blue 42, you can order anything from wings, appetizers, salads, sandwiches, desserts, and more. Pickup and delivery are offered here. In addition, catering is also provided for customers, and you can find the catering menu online on the website. This place is also open every day except Mondays, so make sure not to try to go or order on Mondays, lol. For more on this joint, you can also follow and see more on Instagram. Wingman by Blue 42 is for sure the next and new wing spot that everyone will love!

Rate: 9.5/10

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