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McLoone's Pier House (Bar - Long Branch, New Jersey)

Whenever my family and I go to Long Branch, one of the places we usually stop to eat out at is McLoone's Pier House. This place is known for its great food and amazing views, as this restaurant overlooks the beach so you get the perfect view of the Atlantic Ocean while enjoying your meal.

Lobster + BLT + Croissant = salivating tastebuds

The last time I went to McLoone's, I ordered the 'Lobster BLT,' which comes with lobster, bacon, lettuce, and tomato on a buttery croissant. I am obsessed with anything that lobster and this BLT sandwich hit the spot! What made the meal was that the bread was on a croissant for me. It was creamy, meaty, crisp, fresh, and oh so good! My family and I also ordered some chips, guac, and salsa as an appetizer. The chips had a perfect balance of not too salty as well as being light, crispy, and golden. The guac and salsa were delicious too.

Chips, guac, & salsa is always a good go-to move

Now if you're not in the mood to drink alcohol or just do not want it for any reason, McLoone's also offers mocktails. I decided to order myself the 'Sparkling Refresher Mocktail,' which has orange and pineapple juice, Sierra Mist, and grenadine. This was good between the flavors being sweet and fruity as well as having the carbonation from the Sierra Mist. The drink was very refreshing and made me want to start drinking mocktails more often, lol.

Mocktails are definitely underrated

McLoone's caters to weddings as they are known for hosting great packages as well as for many other events and special occasions. McLoone's is the perfect place for any party with a great location and phenomenal scenery. Customers can come for lunch and dinner as well as Sunday brunch which is offered too. If you can't stay, you can even order online to get your meal to go. This place also has gift cards, which can be great gifts for people who love or want to eat here. Plus, reservations are accepted here as well. If you want to find a great place to eat out down the shore that is right on the beach, McLoone's is THAT place!

Rate: 10/10

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