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Jam (Breakfast & Brunch - Massapequa Park, New York)

Now, I will say I am not a big breakfast person myself. However, I enjoy having a nice meal in the morning here and there, and Jam in Massapequa Park is the perfect place everyone will love! I met up with a friend here a few weeks ago, and everything was spectacular.

This place is such a hit, that there was a long line and wait to get seated, which you know means this place is awesome! Walking inside, you could feel the warmth and love all over this place, and sitting down, I almost felt like I was having breakfast at someone's house which felt cool. Everything felt inviting, warm, and comforting here, and I could not say enough great things!

Moving onto the star of this experience, I started my meal with some coffee, and I ordered the 'Banana Candied Walnut Pancakes' with a side of 'Bacon.' The pancakes were stacked in threes, and they were so good. They were light and fluffy, and I loved how the banana and walnuts were incorporated into the pancakes. It gave a great touch of taste and flavor. The bacon was terrific, as it was very greasy, crunchy, crispy, and oh-so-good. My mouth is watering just thinking about the bacon right now, lol. The coffee was great and perked me up, and was a necessity since I was starting my first meal of the day, lol.

At Jam, you can order anything from pancakes, waffles, French toast, crepes, avocado toast, omelets, benedicts, salads, sandwiches, and more. Now, Jam is only open until 3:30 p.m. every day so make sure you get there before then! Besides dine-in, takeout and delivery are also offered too. At night starting at 5 p.m., Jam also caters and hosts private parties for any events that hold 25 to 55 guests. Check out the website for more information. There are no advanced reservations here, as seating is first come, first serve, and they are not able to take more than six guests for a party, as a heads up. Gift cards can be purchased in person or online. If you need a new breakfast spot on Long Island, then you have to try Jam!

Rate: 9/10

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