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Greek Xpress (Greek - Long Island & NYC Boroughs)

Greek food in my opinion is something you don't really hear a whole lot about. Many people talk about eating and/or wanting Chinese food, Mexican food, pizza (Italian), etc., you name it. However, Greek food is always one of those things that's not mentioned a lot but is definitely underrated and I believe people are missing out because the food is incredible and there are always so many different options of things to choose from.

The Beef Gyro

For my next review, I'm taking you all to Greek Xpress which is a Greek restaurant with locations scattered all across the NY boroughs in Brooklyn (Downtown & Park Slope), Long Island (East Rockaway, Franklin Square, Great Neck & Plainview), Manhattan and Staten Island (coming soon). I came across this joint on my Instagram, the food looked delectable and I had to give this place a try and have some good Greek food. I decided to go to their Great Neck location.

For my meal, I obviously ordered a 'Beef Gyro' which came with beef (lamb), lettuce, tomato, onions and tzatziki sauce wrapped in a pita. I love a good gyro and this one exceeded my expectations and was absolutely delicious! The meat was cooked and seasoned well and the tzatziki was creamy, I enjoyed every bite! Besides the gyro, I also ordered the 'Spinach Pie' which comes with two of them, not one...but two! It was cheesy, spinachy and the crust was super light and flaky and it tasted like heaven. I honestly need some more spinach pie in my daily life because it's so good and I could eat it everyday. On top of that, I also got the 'Feta Fries' which are fries piled with feta cheese and seasoned with salt and wild oregano. If you love feta cheese, those fries are definitely for you then! It for sure is a unique and untraditional twist to eating French fries and they tasted pretty good.

Spinach, cheesy and flaky...nothing better!

Besides my order, you can also select anything from the menu ranging from their multiple appetizers, salads, burgers, wraps, specialties, lunch, dinner and family combo specials, Greek desserts, smoothies, fresh dips and a bunch of sides.

Greek Xpress is available to customers for dining in-person, takeout and delivery so there's lots of options to choose how and where you want to eat your food. This establishment also offers catering too from their dips and spreads, appetizers, salads, specialties and desserts. The catering also provides packages that consists of a 'Corporate Protein Package,' which comes with a protein, salad/dressing, side, dip and pita. Their 'Boxed Lunches' is another option that comes with either pitas, wraps or entrees and any protein, sides and add-ons.

These fries have feta and seasonings for days

You can also buy eGift Cards and/or sign up for their Rewards program for every time you order. Greek Xpress is friendly for vegetarians and non-gluten eaters as well as some of the menu options accommodate these needs. Everything here is all fresh and delicious. If you're looking for some great Greek food, you need to give this place a try!

Rate: 8.75/10

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