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Franklin Steakhouse and Tavern (Tavern - Fairfield, New Jersey)

Franklin Steakhouse and Tavern in Fairfield is a restaurant near me that my family and I eat out at occasionally from sometimes and the food does not disappoint. One of my favorite things about this place is that you always leave stuffed. The food options are endless, and Franklin Steakhouse has literally everything, and there is something for everyone to eat.

Loved everything about this burger

The last time my family and I ate from here, we decided to order takeout rather than go in person. For my food, I ordered the 'Chipotle Bacon Burger,' and it was absolutely delicious. This burger has bacon, pepper jack cheese, and spicy chipotle pepper sauce, and I also added some lettuce and red onion too. I love a good burger, and this hit the mark. The burger was cooked perfectly, and the bun was soft and buttery deliciousness.

Fries always hit the spot

The burger came with fries as a side, however, without realizing it, I also ordered the 'Caesar Salad' as a side, lol. In my opinion, you cannot go wrong with a good Caesar salad, and this was so good. Lots of croutons, Caesar dressing, parmesan cheese, and lettuce. If you are a Caesar salad lover, you will definitely not be disappointed with the one at Franklin Steakhouse because this hits the spot! Going back to the fries, lol, they were tasty, and just perfect for me as they were not too crunchy or hard and not too soft.

It's hard to not to be obsessed with the Franklin Steakhouse Caesar Salad

To get a better idea of the menu here, you can head to the restaurant's website and see all the food and drinks as there is a lot! Catering is provided to customers as well. Also, people can order takeout and/or delivery from Franklin Steakhouse too. There are also a bunch of entertainment as well as events that you can host at the restaurant, and more information can be found on the website. If you are looking for a good bar or tavern with good vibes to eat from or even grab some drinks, and listen to live music, then you have to check out Franklin Steakhouse and Tavern.

Rate: 8.75/10

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