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Chocolate House (Sweets - Totowa, New Jersey)

A few days ago, I was in the mood for something sweet and decided to try out the Chocolate House in Totowa. Their original location is in Paterson. However, they recently opened a second spot in Totowa, and I decided to go. I have been checking out this place on Instagram lately, and my mouth salivates every time, as the food looks incredible here. The amount of chocolate and goodies here is just endless!

Cannot think of anything more delicious and beautiful than this House Special Waffle

When I went to the Chocolate House, I was in the mood for a waffle, so I got the 'House Special Waffle, and boy was this amazing!! This came with milk chocolate as well as dark and white drizzled on top with bananas, strawberries, and crushed lotus biscoff. I kid you not, this was the best waffle I have ever eaten in my entire life! It was so golden and a little crispy on the outside, and very fluffy on the inside, it was just incredible! This had chocolate galore all over it, as it was everywhere. I loved the different types of chocolate used as it definitely mixed it up and provided a ton of flavors to this delicious treat. Also, the bananas and strawberries were a great touch, as something healthy needed to go along with it too, lol. On top of that, I could not forget about the lotus biscoff, as it was just great with the waffle.

Besides waffles, you can also order crepes, shakes, chocolate dips, smoothies, ice cream, cakes, house kups, brownies and sundaes, and more. Needless to say, there are SO many awesome desserts here! Takeout and delivery are offered here as well. The Chocolate House is open everyday and closes at midnight. However, they do not open until 3 P.M. from Monday through Thursday, and 2 P.M. on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Next time you are in the Passaic County area and are in the mood for a sweet treat, you should definitely hit up the Chocolate House because you will not regret it!!

Rate: 10/10 (needs to be higher than 10)

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