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Bagel Nook (Bagels - Freehold, New Jersey)

Bagel Nook is one of those creative food places that goes over the top and puts a lot of thought and heart into their food. I found this joint on Instagram and knew I had to go give this place a try. They have two locations, one in Freehold which is where I went, and another in Princeton.

The minute I walked into the shop, I could see a variety of colorful bagels from blueberry, French toast, cinnamon raisin, Oreo, Captain Crunch, Fruity Pebbles, Tie Dye, Dorito, Flaming Hot Cheeto, and so much more. Don’t even get me started on the cream cheese spreads because they all looked incredible as they were so many to choose from such as Oreo, birthday cake, cookie monster (like the ice cream flavor), strawberry, cannoli, cool ranch, nutella, bacon ranch, jalapeno cheddar, coffee, and so many other outlandish flavors to choose that will make your eyes bulge out of your head and your mouth water.

Oreo bagels & cookie monster cream cheese is definitely a must try!

When I went to Bagel Nook, I got an Oreo bagel with cookie monster cream cheese. Honestly, I didn't really know what to expect when eating this, but it was better than I anticipated. The bagel tasted very Oreo-like, but also like a bagel at the same time if that makes any sense, lol. I found the cream cheese to be more interested than anything else because how can envision what cookie monster cream cheese tastes like. I will say, it does taste like actual cream cheese, but a sweet one. Plus, add cookie bits in there too. It actually is delicious and the combo of the bagel and cream cheese was really good!

Besides bagels, you can also order pre-made bagel selections, French toast, pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, omelets, sandwiches, and any other deli-like food. Now you don't need to live near Princeton or Freehold to get a bagel from Bagel Nook because they ship, and you can order food from here and have it delivered right to your front door regardless of wherever you live. Bagel Nook also makes coffee people can buy like merchandise like shirts, hats, and masks. You have to try out the bagels here whether you visit a location or ship food to you, it's worth it!

Rate: 10/10

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